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Among the services provided by a Public Administration to the society, is the collection of the R.S.U., whose realization is little valued by society, being basic for the operation of any community or urban core. The management of R.S.U. generated in a city ranges from its collection to its treatment and disposal in optimal sanitary and environmental conditions, according to a minimum cost for the affected municipality.


If you want to give a service to a population without an excessive cost for it, you have to start from the following premises:



Minimize the cost in the management of the operation, both in relation to the collection, and the transfer of solid waste.


Provide the necessary means for the service to be used by all the neighbors.


Educate the citizen that the little effort he makes to use this service will be more than compensated in an improvement of his quality of life.
A parameter that must be taken into account in any management study of R.S.U. it is the seasonal variation of the population, as well as their habits and customs.

We ensure the continuity of service and user satisfaction.


The services called permanent include those that are domiciliary or not, they require a constant service design, and must be included in the routes of the collection teams on a daily basis, two or three times a week. Example of this service: house, schools, municipal supply markets, public offices, municipal trail, among others.



Periodic services, although included in normal waste collection routes, are carried out on a weekly, biweekly or even monthly basis. Example of this service: fairs, public, commemorative parades, pantheons, religious festivities, among others.


These services are generally unpredictable because they are generated due to climatic, accidental, vandalism emergencies or public events. In order to cover the waste generated on these occasions, the routes are designed and the number of collection vehicles is calculated with a margin that allows the use of a collection equipment without harming the rest of the service. Example of this service: torrential rains, permanent demonstrations in public squares.

recoleccion municipal
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