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The collection of garbage generated by commercial and industrial establishments, is not an attribution of the municipal authority, for this reason, the hiring of private service providers is required. In TECMED and its subsidiaries we have the infrastructure and trained personnel to carry out the collection of non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste and special handling by safe methods, complying with the regulations on the matter, providing added value to our customers at competitive prices. The needs of the client are taken into consideration to offer a customized service, adjusting to their requirements in time, periodicity and generation volume. Our collection systems range from solids, solids up to 50% with moisture content and sludge.

We have service of containers of rear load, frontal and hoppers type Roll Off.

Currently, we provide the service of transfer of by-products of traces, for food processing (yield plant) in poultry and swine farms, guaranteeing biosecurity in the management of their waste.

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