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The sanitary landfill is presented as a technical, economic, environmentally effective and socially acceptable alternative; it is also a technique that does not cause discomfort or danger to public health and safety; Neither does it harm the environment during or after its operation.


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An additional function of increasing importance in sanitary landfills is the use of biogas (mainly methane) generated by the decomposition of the organic fraction of the waste, either in the degassing and destruction of methane, or in the use of it for the generation of electric power. The sanitary landfill is an engineering project in which many of the potential problems are prevented by means of good planning from the initial stages, in this way it is easier and cheaper than if corrections are made during the course of operations.

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To carry out the selection and construction of a final disposal site for municipal solid waste, it is necessary to make different investments in studies such as: Geological, (both regional and local), Hydrogeological, Geophysical, other complementary and infrastructure.

Once the useful life of the sanitary landfill is completed, it is sealed according to the regulations and native species are sown, recovering the landscape beauty of the place, being able to serve as a recreational area, sports courts, etc.

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