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A transfer plant is a facility in which the vehicles that carry out the home collection of waste, make the transfer of their cargo to other vehicles specially designed to optimize the transport operation to the treatment centers or final deposit.

The local transfer units are operated in systems that guarantee the maximum protection of the environment in the urban waste treatment process, and they must also be located in strategic places that guarantee maximum utilization and less deterioration of the vehicle fleet, thus achieving an optimum use in times and movements in the collection process.

Tecmed Plant

The fundamental reason is to optimize the transport of waste from the production centers to the treatment centers, since the collection vehicles are not prepared for the transport operation, the dimensions of these vehicles and their capacity to accumulate waste is quite low. 

The installation of a transfer plant implies a significant environmental improvement, which reinforces the considerations of economic type that supposes a centralized management of the transport operations.

recoleccion municipal
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