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TECMED is a Mexican company of Spanish capital, with presence in several states of the Mexico. Specializing in processes that are related to the integral management of solid waste, from its collection, transportation, valuing, transference and final disposal. Tecmed also deals with environmental engineering projects, closure, sealing and final closure of garbage dumpsters and landfills, control and reduction of environmental liabilities as well as projects for the use of biogas in landfills, with alternative generation of renewable electric energy. The company's commitment to the continuous improvement of its environmental management systems has led to the participation of the voluntary environmental audit program, of the Federal Attorney's Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), which certifies that Tecmed and its subsidiaries are all clean industries.




Provide services that exceed the expectations of our customers in the chain of integrated management of solid waste and use of biogas, under the framework of the corresponding regulations, through efficient management of the resources used, generating added value for the company.


Be a leader in the integral management of solid waste and use of biogas, through highly trained personnel whom are trained and motivated in their work framework and performance, as well as oriented to quality processes and continuous improvement, in order to position ourselves as the best option for our customers.



The commitment of the company in the continuous improvement of its environmental management system has led to the certification of the clean industry of TECMED and its subsidiaries through the voluntary environmental audit program of the Federal Attorney's Office for Environmental Protection, PROFEPA. In addition to adhering ourselves to three basic principles to give a quality service to the people that places its trust in us.

In Tecmed we know that the effective management of a quality system allows us to get loyal customers; compliance with labor legislation and the safety and health of our workers, as well as fair and ethical management of human resources, we will encourage qualified and motivated workers; while the environmental quality will allow the society to be favored by a treatment of people and structures, structured responsibly with the environment.

We are the only company in the sector in the entire continent certified under ISO 28000 "Safety in the supply chain" which guarantees 100% the cycle of garbage, from the time it is collected to its final disposal, with the utmost respect for the quality, the environment and the safety and health of our workers.

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